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Chiba Port Park: the Best spot for the weirdest most beautiful sunset ever

Dernière mise à jour : 14 oct. 2018

Welcome to another world!

Wonderful sunset at Chiba Port Park
Wonderful sunset at Chiba Port Park

When we think about viewing a sunset we immediately picture a romantic landscape with beautiful blue sea views. Well, I found another way to experience it, try it, I guaranty that your next sunset sightseeing will be unforgettable. But for non-typical reasons: a wonderfully smooth end of the world landscape with devil red sky, and industrial background.

Get ready to go deep into a movie atmosphere.

Arriving at Chiba station, head South and go straight to Chiba Port Park. You might expect a relaxing way with palm trees, and decide to walk for 30 minutes instead of taking the monorail. It's not worth it at all! Quiet streets you will encounter, yes, but beautiful streets... not really. Instead, the way that leads to the seaside is full of concrete buildings, no palm trees and no views of the bay on the background, you might even cross a few homeless people. I have to admit this unglamourous way contributes to all unexpected atmosphere, but I recommend you to take the monorail: it's quick (10 minutes) and fun for Europeans like me who are still finding it kind of futuristic.

Now starts the movie atmosphere...

Arriving at Chiba Port Park, first, you will have to cross the quiet parc to reach the seaside beach. On your way, you will pass through an unexpected circle shaped area of the parc that looks like a crater.

Reaching the beach you will for sure notice this mysterious jazz music broadcasted by a vintage speaker, welcome into the most unexpected 50’s movie atmosphere!

Once at the little bay beach, the huge rectangular Chiba Port Tower dominating the landscape will catch your attention. All made of glass, it reflects perfectly the colors of the sky while it's changing throughout the sunset, turning it into much more than a simple building but into a central piece of this artistic landscape.

Now, have a si on the little beach, and get ready for the weirdest most beautiful sunset ever. 

No white sand, no crystal water, but an industrial almost closed bay with warehouses away. While the sky turns darker and darker, the red lights of the warehouses turn on and look like little demon eyes.

Surprising fishes jumping to catch dinner and splashing into the water with noise.

As the light of the day starts to vanish, the color of the sky turns to fluorescent pink, then purple, light pink, and finaly red to devil red before reaching the darkness. Wonderfull.

My last advice: come back with the monorail, you will keep on floating in the air and this in a new world feeling will last a little longer.

Welcome into another world, welcome back to your journey.

In the end didn't we all come (even partly) for this kind of “unique” experience?

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