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Tokyo Game Show: 5 reasons why you should attend it (especially if you are not a nerd!)

To all the non-gamers, have a look to this article and discover how TGS might get you into video games...

Tokyo Game Show
Tokyo Game Show

For a non-gamer like me, my first reaction when my boss suggested that I should cover the Tokyo Game Show was "oh? Crowded event, video games and screens everywhere, so!". But attending it as a press staff I thought that it would be a chance to have a look at this so famous worldwide event. I am glad I went!

Here are 5 reasons why I believe you should attend it next year:

1. It's Asia biggest video game event: open your mind even just for curiosity

Arriving at Kaihimmakuhari Station in Chiba, after at least 1 hour of transportation, you will encounter Makuhari Messe, a huge a multi-purpose venue in Chiba Prefecture that hosts trade shows, sports events, and concerts. Don't worry: you can relax and get your strength back in one of to the various cafes that are at the station and all along the way to the event. As a French woman, my roots attacked me for a quick coffee fix at DeliFrance

Entering the huge hall where the show is taking place from the top of the stairs, you will have a great overview from above it and start feeling the crazy vibrant atmosphere: video screens everywhere, huge game heroes figurines, woman cosplayed at every booth (I regret only woman, but I will pass on this subject) and various stages with shows.

Get ready!

Women Cosplayed in video games characters
Women Cosplayed in video games characters

2. It's like a huge Game Center, a little quieter, where you can play all your favorite games

Going down the stairs and walking through the booths, you get to play, test and discover any type of game, for any device: PlayStation, mobile App, computer, Virtual Reality games etc. you will definitely encounter one that appeals you.

Of course, all the classics are here with huge booths: Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Fifa... even if you are not into video games you will cross the way of a game you used to play as a kid. I actually found Bomber Man, this funny game I used to play when I was 13 years old!

3. You will be surprised by so much creativity and by the great variety of the highest tech coming games

I have been amazed by the innovative games that you can encounter at Toky Game Show!

One example that struck me was the Osaka University booth: they featured Virtual Reality games that combines using a VR mask and using your voice to reload your gun, or riding a bike as fast as you can. A good way to exercise without noticing it! It's even better to know that they were developed by students.

Additionally, the show gathers more than 41 countries and regions, an impressive melting pot. I discovered games from France, Germany, India etc.

4. You will fell in love with the Indie Games section

This section is dedicated to independent individuals that promote their ongoing game projects. With smaller booths, of course, but a lot of enthusiasm, you can meet with the creator of the games and hear about their synopsis.

I was personally moved by a Taiwanese woman launching her woman dedicated game called "My Sweet Prince": in her game, you get to travel around the world after choosing your handsome partner using the Astro signs, with the objective to learn how to bake and then open your own bakery. How cute!

By the way, they still need hands for the English version.

5. That is the best place for getting all the goodies you dreamt of with your favorite mascots or just great presents

By the end of the day you will come back at least with a TGS framed bag full of free goodies, and that is only if you resist the temptation to buy some!

Mini Pikachus bears, t-shirts, teacups with your favorite mascots are everywhere and the promise to remember this day in the long term.

To all the people like me who are not into video games, the event is a great opportunity to open your chakras and who knows... to find your next lovely video game!

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